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Space-Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens

Small homes can be both a boon and a hindrance, since their prices are smaller and their carbon footprint and energy efficiency is usually better than their larger cousins. There are some situations where the small size of a home can be a problem however, such as the the tight spaces of their kitchens. As any apartment dweller knows, the kitchen can be a truly bad thing to deal with if you don’t have enough space around and you need to zip by a make food for guests and family. Approaching this in a smart way will not only improve your lot when cooking, but also while cleaning the entire kitchen as well. Thankfully, there are ways around that as you can maximize the space you have available, optimizing and using whatever you can in the most efficient way possible. The following tips will give you just that:

You can make use of a rolling cart for added mobility around the kitchen. You can roll it out when you need that bit of extra space or slide it back in its place where you don’t. Making sure its a portable one is an added bonus.

Space-Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens1


You should also work on the walls of your kitchen. The counter space you have available is the prime area where you’ll work, so you can do a lot more by utilizing the space you have on your walls in the form of hooks, shelves and more. It may make the kitchen seem even more claustrophobic, but in the end you’ll have a chance to use much of that space to your advantage.

Space-Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens4


You should avoid using knife blocks, as they can really take up a lot of space on your counters. You could instead opt for a mounted knife rack, allowing you to keep your tools within easy reach and your counters clean.

The next thing you need to focus on is to find a way to deal with your pots and pans in a way that helps keep them easy to grab, but not getting in the way. Pot racks can be of great help in this matter, so make sure you find one that suits your kitchen well.

Space-Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens5


The other thing you can look at to improve your kitchen space is to look for store seating. For example the island in your kitchen could have some empty space underneath for seating not being used at the moment. Folding tables and chairs are also an option, if you’re willing to use them.

You should also rethink any possible design options for your kitchen. If you don’t have enough space for an island, then you may want to consider a different type of counter. You should consider articulated faucets as a possible space saver, as well as other similar options and smaller sinks.

Space-Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens1


You could make greater use of your corner space by using a lazy Susan to store whatever you can. This will allow you to use every tiny little bit of space available. Rotating corner drawers are also a good addition to a kitchen as well, allowing you to store and clean with greater ease if they can be detached.

Space-Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens3


This post is written by Dana Philips, on behalf of Cleaning Services Chelsea

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