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Studio Montanãna: the best of Valencian interior design


Studio Montanãna is a design studio located in Valencia, Spain that has already been engaged in a couple of interesting interior design projects. Today we’re exploring a little more in regards to their work and style in design.

The projects of Studio Montanãna have several purposes, among them integrating functionality, communication and luminosity into the spaces that are in question. In order to obtain that the team takes a careful approach to the division set to be decorated and transformed into distinct forms in order to provide a personal and distinct finish to the space in question.

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Studio Montanãna: the best of Valencian interior design

Studio Montanãna has two types of interior design projects: Vivienda (a word which refers to private residences, and as the name implies these are the projects made inside private homes) and Contract (which refers to places where certain types of services are provided for people, such as hotels, museums, nightclubs, clinics, among others). Throughout their career, this design studio has shown their versatility in their approach to all of these distinct types of establishments.


In many of their residential projects, we can definitely see that they bet one a contemporary and modern style to create a pleasant residence. One element that is definitely eye-catching in this category of a project is their lighting pick, especially the chandeliers. With many forms and curious effects, the suspended chandeliers they’ve picked for both the dining and living rooms end up giving a distinct element to the division thanks to their unique design, as you can see by the examples above.

Some of the furniture picks by Studio Montanãna are also quite extravagant, however, they avoid overreactions in that sense. At Loft San José de Calasanz, for example, there is a red chair with a peculiar design to it, but somehow it manages to fit in fine with the rest of the ambience style.

Another effective trick that Studio Montanãna effectively succeeds in is in making some colours stand out in either furniture or in the wall colours. In Casa San Francisco, for example, the blue wall/closet is a strong visual element, and in Loft Joaquín Costa there’s something about the combination of the brown wooden floors and the white furniture making the dining set that makes this a visually appealing combo.

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Despite having a couple of strong elements that we’ve mentioned previously, Studio Montanãna in essence also plays safe by betting on a minimalistic home decor style. At Hotel de la Playa, they definitely took a more clean approach in the interior design of the establishment.

This hotel has the advantage of having wide windows which provide a lot of natural lighting to come in both during the day and night so in order to create a pleasant design experience Studio Montanãna decided to invest in a more neutral colour palette, in which the colour white and a couple of small black elements make the scene in any division, making this a simple yet effective decoration that transmits a relaxing feel to customers.


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