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The Incredible Landmark Projects of this Year’s London Design Festival

First introduced in 2017, the Landmark Projects are one of the main components of the esteemed London Design Festival. These major installations are often designed by emerging designers, architects and artists that conceive a sensational creation in tribute of a specific material, theme or location. They are located in the most prominent areas of London. Now, Design Build Ideas will explore the three grand projects that are a part of this year’s festival: MultiPly by Waugh Thistleton ArchitectsAlphabet by Kellenberger-White; and Time For Tea by Scholten & Baijings.


The Incredible Landmark Projects of this Year's London Design Festival 7
Sclera by David Adjaye


The Incredible Landmark Projects of this Year's London Design Festival 6
Prototile by Amanda Levete


David AdjayeJohn PawsonMarc NewsonAmanda LeveteRonan and Erwan BouroullecDavid Chipperfield are just some of the prominent designers and architects that have already designed ambitious landmark projects for the festival. Now, meet the three new creators and their unique design installations.


MultiPly by Waugh Thistleton Architects


Located in The Sackler Courtyard at the V&A Museum, this unique installation takes the shape of an interactive modular maze. This project was created in collaboration with the American Hardwood Export Council and AURP in order to give visitors the opportunity to re-think the way homes and cities are built.


Render by Forbes Massie Studio
Render by Forbes Massie Studio


The three-dimensional structure will explore two global challenges, housing and climate change. It will present the fusion of modular systems and a responsible choice of materials as a vital solution. The pavilion is going to be constructed using a re-usable panel system made of 60 cubic metres of American Tulipwood. Andrew Waugh, the director of Waugh Thistleton Architects disclosed that “The structure will lead people a merry dance up and down staircases and across bridges exploring space and light. The experience will provide previously unseen framed glimpses of the V&A and the courtyard below.”


The Incredible Landmark Projects of this Year's London Design Festival 1
Render by Forbes Massie Studio


Alphabet by Kellenberger-White


Supported by British Land, this unique installation designed by Kellenberger-White will feature a wide variety of chairs in alphabetic shapes that represent a playful approach to types. It will be located in Finsbury Avenue Square and visitors are actually able to interact and explore this exhibition as they can move around the design in order to make words. As a whole, the project is comprised of 26 bespoke and colourful chairs.


The Incredible Landmark Projects of this Year's London Design Festival 2


“Design is integral to everything we do at British Land. Our partnership with London Design Festival celebrates the world’s leading designers and we are delighted to once again support the Festival.” – Chris Grigg, Chief Executive of British Land.


Time For Tea by Scholten & Baijings


The Incredible Landmark Projects of this Year's London Design Festival 5


This contemporary installation will be created by Scholten & Baijings which will be located on the first floor of the historic Fortnum & Mason flagship store in Piccadilly. During the festival, visitors can relax there while enjoying the daily tea party. Scholten & Baijings will give a new dimension to the tea experience and more than 80 products were designed by companies from all over the world.


The Incredible Landmark Projects of this Year's London Design Festival 4


The inspiration behind this exhibition is the iconic Eau de Nil colour of Fortnum. Each furniture or product design in this installation will highlight a unique tone of green, from the marble floor and tables to the upholstered chairs. When it comes to the spectacular porcelain tea set, a special collaboration between Fortnum & Mason, 1616/ Arita Japan and Maharam Accessories Japan was established just for this exceptional occasion.


London Design Festival is indeed one of the best celebrations of design giving visitors the opportunity to explore the amazing City of London through numerous exhibitions, events and installations in the most unique fashion.


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Source: London Design Festival


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