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Tips for Decorating with Leather Furniture

When it comes to decor, is there anything more adaptable than leather? The fantastic thing about leather furniture is the fact that it looks great in any style of home whether that be contemporary or classic. You will come across beautiful pieces that are modern and edgy and those that are timeless and classic. Leather gets better with age and looks just as good twenty years after the day you bought it.

How to use leather furnishings in your existing decor

Leather furniture can be used to decorate just about any room. It is an excellent neutral that features an abundance of rich textures and, depending upon your personal tastes, a splash of colour.  The best way to decorate with leather furniture is to use it as sparingly as possible, mixing your furniture into groups that consist mainly of upholstered furniture. Leather sofas can add a real sense of elegance and class to a living room, especially Chesterfield leather sofas. However, too much leather can leave a room looking cold. I recommended that you include just one leather sofa or side chair within a group of upholstered pieces. It’s always good to finish off leather furniture with a couple of accent pillows, choosing patterns that accentuate the natural richness and features of the leather while also bringing pattern and colour to the room.

leather couch interior chic


Choosing the right leather furniture

Insist on the best possible quality

Not all leather furniture is made to the same standard. Some grades are of higher quality than others. You can often identify the quality of the furniture by the appearance and feel of the leather. Even if the difference isn’t immediately noticeable in the furniture showroom, you will soon be able to tell the difference. A quality piece of leather furniture will still look amazing in 15 years time whereas the inferior grades will look bad after just a few.

interior design leather couch x wall


Full grain

When it comes to leather, Top grain really is the best of the best. Nothing is done to the hide to improve its quality. The simplest way to determine whether leather is full grain or not is by looking for small imperfections and scars. These natural imperfections are signs of a great leather. Because it hasn’t had anything done to it, the leather remains robust and will not age over time.

leather couch interior


Top grain

Although this grain sounds like it’s the best, it is actually a step below full grain. It has had the split layer taken away from the top grain layer. Before the hide is colored, it is carefully sanded to remove the majority of its imperfections. This also removes some of the grain and feel of the leather, making it look a bit like plastic. This is a popular form of leather as it is more reasonably priced than full grain leather.

black leather couch interior pillows


Corrected grain leather

Corrected grain leather is generally manufactured from hides that contain lots of scars, bite marks and other imperfections. These imperfections mean that the hides are unsuitable for sofas, so they must be removed first. To remove the imperfections the leather is buffed and pigmented. Corrected grain leather is also known as finished leather or pigmented leather.