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Antiques & Mid Century Modern, Furniture & Lighting, Mood boards

Top 10 Exclusive Cabinets

Paul Evans Studio Cabinet

I just love all the cabinets in this top 10 … but where to start? Lets try with Paul Evans Studio Cabinet, great example of this talented artist with many exaggerated motifs.
This work is unique. This cabinet features two hinged doors concealing three shelves. Can be easily retrofitted and used as a bar or wardrobe.

Andrea Branzi’s Trees and Stones

Andrea Branzi’s Trees and Stones

Andrea Branzi’s Trees and Stones collection featured furniture combining chunks of nature with machined materials. Branches are fit into cabinet compartments or extend against backdrops of mirror-polished aluminum.

Campana Brothers, Amethyst Cabinet

Campana Brothers were recently featured at Friendman Benda Gallery, and this being their first US gallery solo exhibition they really brought new fantastic designs. And one of them was this magical cabinet named Amethyst that combines  a glass vitrine adorned with São Paulo-sourced amethyst rocks.

Vincent Dubourg, Armoire Chinoise

Talented French artist & sculptor Vincent Dubourg recently unveiled the Armoire Chinoise at Design Miami in collaboration with Carpenters Workshop Gallery, a go-to destination gallery renowned for exclusive, limited-edition contemporary art. With such a distinct, deconstructed aluminium form this sculpted cabinet turned heads at the fair, defying all attempts of categorisation as a true fusion of furniture, architecture and sculpture.~

Fratelli Boffi Ferruccio Laviani

This insane looking cabinet (titled Good Vibrations) was hand-carved by Ferruccio Laviani and will reportedly be shown at the Salone Del Mobile expo in Milan in April. Still not a sign of it … but let’s wait for it… it really deserves our patience.

Unique Magistral Cabinet with Bamboo Skewers by Sebastian Errazuriz

Sebastian Errazuris has presented the latest creative cabinet design called Magistral Cabinet. Come from an interesting concept that combines an artistic approach with actual usefulness, Magistral Cabinet offers a glamorous feeling to any interior. The cabinet has a lot of compartments that can slide open. Thanks of this compartments that offer you enough storage space for vary of your needs and able to protect shell that seems to keep intruders away at all costs.

Herve Van Der Straeten

L’ARMOIRE PARTITION from Herve Van Der Straeten looks fantastic but it feels even better. With a smooth touch this blue and ritmical cabinet is a must have to all exclusive worlds!

Studio Job’s, Robber Baron

‘Robber Baron’ is a pejorative term used to describe the rich American bankers of the 19th century. Power, corruption, art and industry are the main themes of this series of five pieces of functional furniture made entirely in bronze.

Boca do Lobo Tubular Cabinet

Boca do Lobo is synonymous with daring Innovation and flawless execution. The Symphony cabinet is one of the most exquisite pieces to grace the Limited Edition collection. A cluster of 95 polished brass tubes envelope an exotic wood structure creating a harmonious artful juxtaposition to rhythm of the pipes. The Symphony will resonate at an extraordinary design pitch when placed in any setting.

Mattia Bonetti "Frequency" cabinet

And for last but not least Mattia Bonetti’s “Frequency” cabinet all made of clear acrylic and gold-plated brass finish this list of top 10 exclusive cabinets.


Via ILoboYou

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