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Top Five Fall Trends for Interior Design

Top Five Fall Trends for Interior DesignDesign inspiration takes on new shapes as the seasons change. We are inspired by what is around us and we use nature as part of that inspiration. The bright colors of spring and summer flowers inspired to step outside our comfort zones and try something new in our interior design. But now, a new season is upon us with new inspirations to draw from and new interests to discover.

So what are the new ideas that are coming to light this fall? What new trends can you incorporate in your home design to make your home fresh and new for fall? This year’s fall interior design involves a lot more risks and elements that are not typically found in traditional fall design, so you will be able to keep things interesting and appealing in your home. Here are the top five trends for interior design this fall.

Mix and match materials

The time of matching metals and textures is long behind us. Designers are no longer afraid to mix materials, but instead they embrace it to create a visually interesting look that will draw the eye of everyone who enters the room. Mix different metals, like brushed gold and silver, and other materials to add depth to your rooms.

Updated antiques

You don’t have to just set your antique items in the corner anymore for everyone to stare at, but not touch. Instead, you can make your antique pieces into something that you can use and something that functions well with whatever style you choose to create. You can paint, refinish and reupholster old furniture to give it a modern twist. If you prefer to have a professional handle your delicate items, use TitleMax to hire a professional to do the job for you.

Jewel tone colors…

Fall used to be filled with deep orange and red colors with brown accents, but today the rules are bent just a little to involve some brighter, richer colors. This year, fill your home with beautiful dark purples, blues and greens for the fall season. Many of these colors transfer well into winter and they will add depth to your home design.

…with neutral gray tones

Gray is the new black, so to speak. Gray is the new favorite go-to neutral color that designers are going after this year. Gray mixes perfectly with the rich jewel tones that you are already using, and great with other popular lavender colors that were used for summer designs. Try this color out wherever you would use black or brown in your home.

Diagonal lines

The summer’s chevron patterns are stepping aside to make way for a more modest fall version, diagonal lines. Use the pattern on your furniture, as accents or in your artwork for a modern look. This is a timeless pattern that you will be able to incorporate in your home for years to come, so no need to make your home follow every trend every season.


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