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yelo spa interior design color yellow

YeloSpa – Relaxing Colorful Interior

The city that never sleeps needs a nap!

With this simple concept in mind, Yelo was created from the ground up as a wellness center that caters for people’s need for an oasis. This was what THE APARTMENT CREATIVE AGENCY call a 360 degree project because they were responsible for all aspects of it, from naming to branding to architecture to marketing and the synergies between them.

The color-drenched interiors of this midtown spa are mesmerizing. Bold colors are used as a form of color therapy to relax you and draw you in to an experience. A New York reflexology and napping center that will provide an escape from the chaos and clamor of the city.



The space has been updated on the 12th floor of a building in the heart of Manhattan. The new conception provides a contrasting environment which reflects on the high-end neighborhood in which it belongs.


Author: Nuno Corte-Real

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