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your-february-home-decor-guide (7)

Your February Home Decor Guide

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February is the month of the thinkers, of the outgoing people, of the ones who love entertainment and are very sensitive. Is the month of creative and artistic minds. That is why, Design Build Ideas planned to write this special article for you, a home decor guide on how to get inspired and get motivated to decorate your home. It’s all about colors, graphics, textures and small details that make the essence of an unusual and fresh February decor.

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Your February Home Decor GuideAs you may already be noticed the days are slowly getting longer, so what better than bringing a bit more of the outdoors inside your home, be creative, dare more! What can you do? Expand your backyard, bring more plants inside your indoors, use natural materials, stone, wood. Add a tropical twist to the decor, some lemon or orange trees.

Your February Home Decor Guide

Your February Home Decor Guide

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Let the sunshine in! Bring natural light inside your home, it’s important to create a home with lost of sunlight. How do to this? Remove the curtains, if you have large windows even better!

Your February Home Decor GuideYour February Home Decor GuideBring in the artisan. We always say yes to the handcrafted accessories in home decor. It adds a special feeling of luxury and elegance.

Your February Home Decor GuideDon’t be afraid to mix vintage and handcrafted accessories. Try the warmth of naturally finished pieces and make yourself and your home feel special by the detailing of the accessories.

your-february-home-decor-guide (14)your-february-home-decor-guide (2)

Imagine an eclectic kitchen with a farmhouse sink, blue cabinets, wood countertops and white appliances. This year decorative backsplashes are going strong.

Your February Home Decor GuideDesigners expect to see more consumers implementing geometric patterns in their decoration. Wood and cement are the key actors of achieving a fluid movement.

bl-dining-tables-800Metallics and metals, the trends of the 50s and 70s are hot trends today. Add a bit of midcentury touch in your interiors, with brass, gold, and metallic finishes. Embrace the retro inside and out and let it bling.

your-february-home-decor-guide (6)your-february-home-decor-guide (13)Minerals are in. Use pyrite bowls on tables, or big chunks of quartz used as display pieces and unpolished semi-precious stones turned into door pulls.

your-february-home-decor-guide (11)

A February lover or not we hope you got inspired and full of new ideas on how to decorate your sweet home. Make sure to read also 5 Ways to Make a Lovely Bathroom

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