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YZDA: an amazing example of a multicultural interior designer

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YZDA is a boutique design studio that became noticeable for its interior design projects with timeless design. The company has taken on stylish hotels, resorts, restaurants, corporate offices, and private residences. Today Design Build Ideas will be venturing through this company’s amazing portfolio which is the resulting process of the mind and experience of Satomi.

YZDA: an amazing example of a multicultural interior designer
All photo credits belong to YZDA

YZDA is the short standing for Satomi Yoshida-Katz, International Interior Designer. This company has been celebrated for its unique interior design project styles in countries such as the USA, Australia, Italy, Japan, and many more, being noticed by its refined, culturally eclectic design style.  The owner, Satomi, has travelled widely across the globe and thanks to her experience she’s managed to learn and absorb experiences, ideas and concepts from people, fashion, music, and cultural phenomena spread all over the globe.

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This company’s work has appeared in several design exhibitions and has been featured in leading design publications worldwide. YZDA has the main goal of creating sophisticated and inspirational environments that reflect the clients’ lifestyle.

YZDA is known for being a group that creates inspirational environments which are perfectly adapted to the client’s needs, schedule and budget.  The company is committed to designing and delivering the best high-quality solutions for each client.

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Satomi is the kind of designer that is drawn to things that represent the history of countries and cultures. She’s also a big fan of traditional craftsmanship that carefully blends the past, the present and the future, something that immediately jumps to sight in any of the projects of the company.

Another element that immediately jumps to mind when one takes a look through the projects of YZDA is that Satomi also likes to apply a significant component in her projects: the Japanese concept of MA (the balance between space and objects), as well as many principles of Feng Shui.


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